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Expanded Transitional Kindergarten (ETK)

The Expanded Transitional Kindergarten program (ETK) is an oral language program intended to prepare students for kindergarten. It provides students who turn 5 between December 3 and June 30th of the year of enrollment, the opportunity to increase the ability to listen, to speak effectively, to use vocabulary appropriately, and to develop academic readiness skills. It provides a parent involvement and education program that helps meet the needs of parents to positively facilitate the prekindergarten child’s developmental potential.


The class has the same hours as the Kindergarten through Fifth Grade program.


Children must turn 5 years old between December 3rd and June 30th and be a resident at a PHBAO school.  Priority for enrollment is given to the oldest children enrolling.  


The curriculum consists of core and essential documents of the Early Childhood Education.  The Early Literacy Program is DLM Express. The math curriculum is the pre-school MyMath program.  A variety of carefully selected books of various genres are consistently available to children. Criteria for selection of books include attention to positive depictions of cultural diversity. Teachers use a variety of strategies to encompass the diverse needs of children.

Ms. Adams

Room: 10

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