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History/Social Science


In Kindergarten, students begin the study of history – social science with concepts anchored in the experiences they bring to school from their families and communities.  They explore being a good citizen, national symbols, work now and long ago, geography, time and life in the past.

First Grade

In First Grade, students learn more about the world they live in and about their responsibilities to other people.  They learn how necessary it is for people and groups to work together and resolve problems through cooperation.  Other topics include the geography of our community, symbols and traditions of the United States, life today and long ago and basics of economics.

Second Grade

In Second Grade, students learn about people who make a difference in their own lives and who have made a difference in the past.  They learn some basic mapping skills, about government institutions, and about people who supply our goods and services.

Third Grade

In Third Grade, students prepare for learning California history in the fourth grade and United States history in the fifth grade.  They study the geography of the local region, American Indians of the local region, American citizens, symbols and government and economics of the local region.

Fourth Grade

In Fourth Grade, students focus on the history of California beginning in the pre-Columbian times in the cultures of the American Indians who lived here before the first Europeans arrived.  Topics include European exploration and colonial history, missions, ranchos, the gold rush and statehood.

Fifth Grade

In Fifth Grade, students shift their focus from California to the United States.  They study the land and people before Columbus, the age of exploration, settling the colonies, the American Revolution, the development and significance of the U.S. Constitution, and the Westward Expansion.