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English Learner Advisory Commitee

ELAC is a council composed primarily of parents of English learners that provides written recommendations to the School Site Council (SSC) regarding programs and services for English learners.  Recommendations should be based on student performance and parental involvement data such as ELPAC (English Learner Proficiency Assessment for California) and parent surveys. 

Meetings are hybrid (via Zoom Meeting ID: 972 9166 4527 and in person from the Parent Center at 8:15 A.M.).  The tentative year-at-a-glance follows:


Orientation and Elections



Mandated Topics (Importance of School Attendance), SSC Recommendations, Budget Adjustment Recommendations



Mandated Topics (Comprehensive Needs Assessment), SSC Recommendations, Budget Adjustment Recommendations


December: No Regularly Scheduled Meeting



Mandated Topics (Single Plan for Student Achievement), SSC Recommendations, Budget Adjustment Recommendations



Mandated Topics (Language Census Report), SSC Recommendations, Budget Adjustments, SPSA Budget Development



Mandated Topics (Master Plan for English Learners), Finalize Budget Changes, Reflection, Recognition